The greatest challenge is moving beyond the glitz and pizzazz of the flashy technology to teach true literacy in this new milieu. Using the same skills used for centuries—analysis, synthesis, and evaluation—we must look at digital literacy as another realm within which to apply elements of critical thinking.
Jones-Kavalier & Flannigan


As leaders we are challenged to prepare our students for the 21st century and are driven by a passion to make a difference in the lives of others. How might we best do that? And in what place do we anchor our own learning on this journey?

This wiki is designed to support leaders embarking on this path and is an accompanying piece to the Digital Discovery Series:

How can technology help you become better at what you do? How can we be more effective at managing change and innovation in the digital era? If we want to have teachers integrate technology into their teaching, how do we model this ourselves? Principals and vice principals will learn about mobile devices (e.g. the iPad), social media and 21st century learning. This is designed to be a fun opportunity to network with colleagues and learn from each other.

This wiki is a place to find great resources, video clips, and articles. Thank you to Tia Henriksen and James Hogan for putting it together.


Elisa Carlson, Ed. D.

Director of Instruction, Education Services

School District #36 (Surrey)

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